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Horsefeed Catalogue 2017

You can now browse our new horsefeed catalogue online.
AGROBS Horsefeed Catalogue 2017

It's now offical! We are GMP+ B1 certificated for production of our healthy feed.


A Range of Products:

 PRE ALPIN compact Karton 
PRE ALPIN® compact
hay replacement in pocket format

warm air dried grassses and herbs, pressed to convenient and practical blocks
 Weidemineral-Cobs Eimer 
Meadow Mineral Cobs
Well supplied in the grazing season

Suitable for all horses, low in sugar and starch content
 Naturmineral Abbildung Eimer 
the natural supply of minerals - “molasses-free”

Agrobs Naturmineral is rich in vital minerals, vitamins and trace elements and can, even in small doses in the daily feed, compensate for the feeding gap resulting from grazing, hay or cereals.