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Horsefeed Catalogue 2017

You can now browse our new horsefeed catalogue online.
AGROBS Horsefeed Catalogue 2017

It's now offical! We are GMP+ B1 certificated for production of our healthy feed.


A Range of Products:

 Struktur Mash Bag 
Struktur Mash
easy-to-digest supplementary feed

Mash is a nutritious, strengthening feed for horses that stimulates the appetite and aids in regeneration.
 Wiesenbussi Bag 
AGROBS WiesenBussi
A healthy treat!

Cereal free, free from artificial additives

Delicious combination of warm air dried grasses and herbs, root vegetables and fruit.
Suitable for all Horses!
 Pre Alpin Protein Light Flakes 
PRE ALPIN® Protein light Flakes
the low-protein mix of grasses

Basic feed with an extremely low protein content and without added herbs.