our ideals & our philosophy

"Healthy, appropriate and natural feed of high quality and the enjoyment of the animal´s wellbeing" are the core of AGROBS´s philosophy.

In order to do justice to these requirements, we are committed to exercising the greatest care in developing, producing, and selling the best basic and supplementary feed made up of field herbs  and grasses of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps.

The closeness to nature characterized the company´s founder, Jakob Berger, is uphelp by the Berger family and all company employees. For decades, our focus has been on dealing appropriately with nature while ensuring the welfare of animals.

In order to live up to these ideals, traditional knowledge is passed on from generation to generation; at every turn, it is enhancedand checked against the latest scientific findings. In this way, existing feed is continuously improved and new products are in constant development.

"... because your horse´s health is close to our hearts."