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AGROBS feed consultation

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Information about the horse

Horse breed: ________

Age: __________

Gender: ___mare, ____gelding, _____stallion

Additional details for broodmares:

Pregnant in _________ monthLactating in ________ month
Height______ cmWeight______ kg (__weighed, __valued)

Current state: ___ correct ___too thin ___too fat


___easy work  ___mean work ___ hard work

Please describe the work of your horse:

 housing conditions:

___open stable

___horse box

___other: _________________________






Access to pasture:


___hours in summer

___hours in winter



 Feeding of horse


___hay ___kg/day

Quality of hay:

___green ___brownish

___soft structure ___medium structure ___hard structure

___aromatic smell ___bad smell ___dusty hay

Quantity of roughage:

___haylage ____ kg/day

___silage ____ kg/day

___straw ____ kg/day

___grass ____ hours/pasture/day


___ little ___moderate ___rich

___mostly young grass ___mostly lignified grass ___grazed meadow

Concentrated feed

___oats ___kg/day ___whole grain ___squashed ___oatmeal

___barley ___kg/day ___whole grain ___squashed ___milled ___flakes

___maize ___ kg/day ___ whole grain ___milled ___flakes

___premixed horse muesli; ___kg/day which muesli___________

___pellets ___kg/day; which pellets______________

___mash ___kg/day; which mash______________

___mineral feed ___kg/day; which mineral feed_______________

Other feedingstuffs:



Salt-lick-stone always available: ___yes ___no

Loose salt is supplemented ___ g/day

The horse gets ___ portions hay/day and ___ portions concentrated feed/day

What´s fed first? ___concentrated feed ___ roughage

Is the horse regularly dewormed? ___yes ___no

Last anthelmintic therapy?


 appearance of the horse

Please describe the appearance of the horse and any health problems as detailed as possible (coat, skin, hoofs, musculature, tensions, faeces, character (nervous, calm), teeth, etc.)



Animal health

(Mark with a cross where applicable)

___ Allergy

___ Cushing syndrome

___ increased susceptibility for infections

___ Skin diseases

___ Pulmonary disease

___ Liver disease

___ Predisposition to colic

___ Diarrhea

___ Fecal water

___ Flatulence

___ Laminitis

___ Arthrosis

___ PSSM

___ Scurf

___ Allergic summer eczema

___ Kidney problems

___ Heart problems

___ Tendon injuries

___ Equine metabolic syndrom

___ Susceptibility to lumbago

Further comments / questions:


 General data:

Customer number:




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