Seed - Rich biodiversity for pastures

Horse pastures have to stand up to the heavy demands placed on them, not only as a source of energy but also as habitat for shy horses and thoroughbreds. AGROBS Seed Blends include specially chosen grass and herb seeds to meet the demands of both these important factors.

Many pastures and paddocks are too heavily grazed which, through extensive trampling, can lead to deterioration of the feeding source. As a result, stubborn weeds such as sorrel, thistles or buttercups can thrive. Constant attention is therefore required to maintain a healthy pasture for horses. Regular reseeding is vital, particularly where gaps have appeared or over-grazing has occured.

AGROBS now offers three different selections of Seed Blends for your pastures!


 Agrobs Pre Alpin Seed Light, Pferdeweide Sensitiv 
PRE ALPIN® Seed Light
This blend contains selected fructose-reduced grasses.
Ideal for the regeneration of pastures.
10.00 kg Sack
 Saatgut Sack 
species diversity from the foothills of the Alps

The diversity of grasses and herbs of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps is unique. On this basis, we have developed a special horse pasture for your horse.
10.00 kg Sack
 Agrobs Herb Blend, Kräutermix, Saatgut 
Herb Blend

Agrobs Herb Blend offers a fine selection of meadow herbs.

1.00 kg Beutel