The Rauscherhof

Tradition for 180 years

Knowledge is passed on at the Rauscherhof in Degerndorf from generation to generation. Since almost 180 years, old insights of farming, as well as findings concerning nature and its plants, its growth and its harvest stay alive in the Berger family. New experiences are continuously added to this knowledge, in order to pass this on to the next generation. Thus, the experiences of our ancestors are the foundation of the AGROBS GmbH.

Building up the farmstead

Around 1528, the Rauscher estate already was mentioned in records about Degerndorf. Since February 11, 1839, the farm belongs to the Berger family. At that time, however, the farm was located in the middle of Degerndorf, a small village in the Bavarian Alpine foothills in the borough Münsing at Lake Starnberg. In the course of consolidation of farming, Jakob Berger, Sr. built a farmstead 1971 and, therewith, left the old Rauscher estate in the village.

The old estate, that was rebuilt after a fire in 1904, is used by the borough Münsing to this day as kindergarten. Jakob Berger, Jr., as oldest son, took over the farmstead in die Angerbreite in 1977 - and, with his wife Traudl, set the course for today's company.

First steps into the production of dried green feed

Until 1980, Traudl and Jakob Berger managed their farm as dairy farm with 35 cows and their offspring. Then they switched to raising calves. Parallel to this, Jakob Berger placed the first "PreAlpin" product as horse feed on the market: the Wiesencobs. In 1982, he and his employees loaded the first truck with horse feed, by hand.

Eight years later, the family built an exercise pen with a milking parlour for 60 dairy cows. Since then, the business is organically managed in accordance to the guidelines of the Naturland association. also in 1990, the production of hay for horses got the Bergers into the production of dried green feed. In the meantime, the procedures for green feed preservation using warm air have been refined more and more and improved, according to the newest scientific insights.

Degerndorf at Lake Starnberg

Degerndorf is located in the Bavarian Alpine foothills between Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Smooth hills, chalky mineral soil and rich precipitation are ideal requirements for grassland. Lush, species-rich and healthy meadows grow in an intact and unpolluted nature.


The AGROBS GmbH was founded out of the farming business. Faithful to the farming tradition, targeted development, production and distribution of high-quality feed is achieved.

The AGROBS GmbH now offers basic feed for all animals that are dependent on high-quality roughage. In addition to cows and horses, these are rodents, tortoises, deer, camels, giraffes, elephants and many more. Since each species has individual demands concerning its feed, a variety of diverse products was developed, which differ in structure and form as well as in the composition of grasses and, therefore, its components. Because the nutrient requirements are also dependent on the performance of each animal, the division into different products was further performed.

Therefore, the assortment of the AGROBS GmbH offers the correct feed for every animal.   Since 1996, the AGROBS GmbH is a distributor for horse feed of other companies in many parts of Bavaria. Their employees are responsible for qualified advice concerning horse nutrition and give information about areas of use and effects of the individual feed.