Our Expert Team

AGROBS introduces itself: on this page, meet our qualified and experienced expert team.

Daniela Hanke, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

When I was a little girl, the horse fever caught me and never let me go since: since my first riding lesson at the age of seven years, horses in the meanwhile accompany me for more than 20 years. After my abitur, the passion for horses and my growing interest in farming and housing farm animals led me to study agriculture with the main focus on animal products at the Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf. At AGROBS, I work in the area of feeding advice, research and development and predominately focus on the written and telephonic feeding advice.
Agrobs-Experte Daniela Hanke
Agrobs-Experte Antonia Triebig

Antonia Triebig, BSc. Agricultural Sciences

I have always wanted to work with and for animals. After completing school I moved from my native Heidelberg to Bamberg to complete my training as a veterinary assistant in a dual clinic for small animals and horses. There I quickly discovered that feeding animals according to their needs significantly contributes to keeping them healthy. In order to intensify my knowledge in animal nutrition and especially about the various animal feeds themselves and their versatile uses, I decided to study agricultural sciences at the University of Hohenheim to earn a bachelor's degree in animal sciences. At AGROBS, I now primarily work to develop new feeds and advise our customers on their animals’ nutritional needs.

Dr. Katharina Martin, veterinarian - currently on parental leave

My interest in medicine, biology and especially my own two Icelandic horses had a great influence on my decision to study veterinary medicine. After my studies in Munich, I took a doctoral degree in the area of epilepsy research. Subsequently I stayed in research, until, in 2015, my passion for horses led me to AGROBS. Since, I work in the area of product development, consulting and quality assurance. The development of healthy feed as well as supporting the owners in finding the ideal diet for their horses is especially important to me.
Agrobs-Experte Dr. Katharina Martin
Agrobs-Experte Barbara Keßler

Barbara Keßler, Dipl. - Wirtschaftsing. (FH), Master of Science in Agriculture - currently on parental leave

Raised in Utting at the Ammersee, already as a child I was enthusiastic for all kinds of animals and farming. I have been riding for 30 years now and have my own horses. Since 2010, I run my own little boarding stable, based on the concept of "Paddock Trails". After my studies at the Fachhochschule Weihenstephan in agricultural marketing and agricultural management, I began working for AGROBS in the area of product development and consultation. In order to continue my studies concerning animal nutrition, I studied agricultural sciences with the main focus on animal housing / animal nutrition at the Technische Universität München while working for AGROBS.