High-Quality Feeding Straw

  • appropriate as low-energy supplement for obese animals
  • appropriate for all animals
  • in form of chaff
  • appropriate for horses sensitive to dust
  • very low in protein - ideal for balancing a feeding ration with high energy contents
  • best quality due to warm air-drying and additional dust extraction
  • Commercial form:
    4 kg bale
    10 kg bale

Gold for the feeding trough

By nature, horses require a constant source of feeding with only short breaks between feeds - a fact often neglected in today´s horse rearing. Inedible bedding straw or not enough hay feeding often lead to problems with digestion, boredom and even mental problems.
This is precisely where AGROBS Straw comes into play.

Straw is welcome, fibre-rich, low protein addition to fodder. By increasing chewing, horses eat slower. Feed straw is the perfect answer to regular feeding needs. It leads to a full stomach and is a good source of raw fibre. Light-feeding or overweight horses can profit to - the daily feeding ration can be stretched and reduced in a healthy way.

AGROBS takes particular care to ensure that no soil is carried away when harvesting its feeding straw. The straw is dried and dedusted immediately after harvesting with warm air. The result is finest qualitiy feeding straw, which thanks to its hygienic properties is also suitable for horses with allergies and those sensitive to dust.

  • Guarantees suitably long chewing in addition to hay and grass in straw-free bedding environments
  • Alternative to hay / meadow or as additional chewing for overweight horses
  • Avoid hay or meadow belly - straw retains less water in the gut than grass oder hay
  • Straw is low in protein and can balance high protein levels in feed portions
  • Helps keep a tight calcium-phosphorus balance in ceral-rich portions
  • Perfect against low quality straw - especially for horses with allergies


  • for enhancement of the basic feed
  • as low-energy feed to keep horses occupied
  • in case of straw-free bedding as guarantee for a sufficently long chewing period in addition to hay, grass and concentrated feed

Feeding Recommendation

  • up to max. 500 g straw per 100 kg ideal body weight per day
  • solely feeding straw is not recommended without supplementation of hay/ pasture grass


Single feed for horses, Ingrediens:
barley and eheat straw, chaffed and warm air dried
Analytic Components:
Crude protein 3,00 % Fructan 2,90 %
Crude oils and fats 1,20 % Zinc 13,00 mg/kg
Crude fibre 35,8 % Manganese 90,00 mg/kg
Crude ash 6,70 % Copper 6,10 mg/kg
Calcium 0,50 % Selenium < 0,04 mg/kg
Phosphorus 0,09 % Lysine 0,09 %
Magnesium 0,12 % Methionine 0,05 %
Chloride 0,60 % Cystine 0,04 %
Sodium 0,02 % Threonine 0,12 %
Potassium 1,60 % Digestible energy 5,35 DE MJ/kg
Sulphur 0,11 % Metabolisable energy 4,40 ME MJ/ kg
Starch < 1,00 % Precaec. dig. crude protein 0,17 %
Sugar 1,90 %    

The analysed values are native origin.

Status 10/2018

Customer reviews

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by Anonym from Forchheim
Leider sehr kurzes Stroh
Für Pferde ist das Stroh sehr kurz! Längere Halme wären idealer! Qualität gut.
by Eva from Hessen
Also ich muss wirklich sagen jetzt für die Jahreszeit für die Meerschweinchen ideal, es hält jetzt schon schön warm und man merkt sie fühlen sie noch wohler. Definitiv die richtige Entscheidung gewesen.
by Caroline Lohrbächer from Kreis Germersheim
Sehr gut
Wirklich staubarm. Wird gerne gegessen. Unsere lungenkranke Stute bekommt es zusätzlich zur Silagefütterung. Verträgt sie sehr gut und hustet überhaupt nicht darauf. Sehr zu empfehlen.
by Anonym
Keine Gute qualität
Stroh leider total kleingehäckselt. Erinnert mich eher an "Reste" wie an Stroh und das für den Preis!
by Susanne from Amberg
Als Futtetstroh für Pferde fand ich die Halme viel zu kurz. Hab es unters Heu gemischt. Ansonsten Güte Qualität.
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