Milk thistle fruits

Supports liver function

Bergsiegel Mariendistelfrüchte contains milk thistle fruits that support equine liver function. An important substance in milk thistle is silymarin. Milk thistle is also used in herbal mixtures that promote liver function.

Milk thistle fruits are the ripe fruits of the milk thistle, a biennial plant which grows to 60–150 cm high with large, green-white marbled leaves and purple tubular blossoms. The milk thistle is native to the Mediterranean areas of Europe but is cultivated throughout the world today in subtropical to moderate zones.
Consult your veterinary surgeon or alternative veterinary practitioner if your horse suffers from acute or chronic ailments.

For information on the effects of herbs in relation to doping, consult the Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations of the German Equestrian Federation (Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung e. V.). These can be found on the German Equestrian Federation website.

Feeding Recommendation

  • the following quantities are recommended as supplement to daily rations: Warmbloods 30–50 g, thoroughbreds 40 g, ponies 30 g.
  • administer the herbs over a six-week period.


Single Feed for horses, Igredients:
100% milk thistle fruits

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by Diana from Neunkirchen-Seelscheid
Mein 22 jähriger Wallach bekommt die MD Samen als Kur. Ich weis, dass er auf der Wiese im Sommer die Disteln gerne frisst. Und da Pferde sich normalerweise das nehmen was ihr Körper braucht, möchte ich ihm im Winter diese Alternative bieten. Ich bin zufrieden und ihm geht es sehr gut. Großes Blutbild vor 2 Wochen war auch superbestens. Alles gut also :-)