Gentle, low-protein base feed

  • low in protein and allergens
  • provides optimum amounts of crude fibre
  • grain free
  • no artificial flavourings or preservatives
  • ideal calcium-phosphorous ratio
  • easy to dispense
  • Commercial form:
    1 kg bag
    12.5 kg paper sack
Sensitiv can be used as a hay substitute or supplement. It is clean, high in crude fibre, dust-free and low in allergens. We place special importance on maintaining fibre structure, as this stimulates chewing and promotes necessary dental abrasion. Agrobs Sensitiv contains no additives of any kind.

Agrobs Sensitiv for all herbivorous rodents and rabbits...
  • is a base feed that’s especially low in protein
  • is suitable as a hay supplement or substitute
  • Made without added flavourings, preservatives, or binding agents
  • contains no cereals
  • provides optimum amounts of crude fibre
  • ideal calcium-phosphorus ratio
  • is clean, dust-free and low in allergens
  • stimulates chewing and thus promotes dental abrasion
  • Especially easy to dispense

Feeding Recommendation

  • Offer freely as a base feed.
Guinea pigs in particular should be given small quantities of fresh vegetables, forage, or fruits daily. These provide needed vitamin C.


Single feed for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters and degus


is made from select grasses (no herbs) that are low in protein

Analytical components:
Crdue protein 5.50 % Water 7.70 %
Crude oils and fats 1.90 % Calcium 0.20 %
Crude fibre 25.20 % Phosphorus 0.19 %
Crude ash 3.60 %    
The analysed values are of native origin.

Status 10/2015

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