Agrobs forage

Loyal to the traditions of farming, AGROBS trusts the biodiversity of the Bavarian Alpine foothills and deliberately foregoes high performance grasses. High-quality roughage is the basis of a healthy horse nutrition. Our hay substitute products, such as PreAlpin Wiesencobs, PreAlpin Wiesenflakes, PreAlpin Senior, PreAlpin Aspero and PreAlpin Compact, contain over 60 different grasses and herbs. That makes our Wiesencobs so special.


Brings back nature

 As a free-living animal from the steppes, horses feed naturally on nutrient-rich meadow grasses and herbs, wherever and whenever they can find them. But most horses now no longer live in the wild, but lead domesticated lives in pastures and stables.  Agriculture has also undergone major changes. Many meadows and pastures are "impoverished" because our biodiversity is increasingly being lost, and there is a lack of minerals and vital substances. Horses are thus often deprived of food intake proper to their species. Horses today are dependent on what we give them for food. AGROBS® helps to ensure their daily ration of high-quality horse feed.

We at AGROBS® Pferdefutter have long been working with farms located here in the foothills of the Alps to counter these trends and produce the best horse feed our region can offer. The PRE ALPIN® product series, a unique composition of over 60 different grasses and herbs from the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, supplies our horses and ponies with optimal and species-appropriate feed.
For those who are always in a rush, PreAlpin Wiesenflakes are a great alternative to our PreAlpin Wiesencobs. The loose flake form offers effortless soaking and is finished after approximately 5 minutes. For our toothless oldies, PreAlpin Senior is a good alternative to hay cobs. The short fibre length can be swallowed directly and can be fed immediately after dampening. PreAlpin Wiesencobs, PreAlpin Wiesenflakes, PreAlpin Senior and PreAlpin Aspero not only function as hay substitute, but also find use in enhancement of the daily hay ration.
For especially easy keepers, a share of the hay ration can be substituted by our LeichtGenuss. AGROBS LeichtGenuss is a feed to keep horses occupied and for enhancement of the hay ration, in cases in which calories should be reduced, e.g. obese horses or laminitic horses. In this product, also, the biodiversity of the Bavarian Alpine foothills can be found. Our range of products has expanded over the past years. 

Structured feed, rich in fibre

Roughage forms the nutritional basis for our horses and should always be available, in good quality and above all in sufficient quantities. In nature, horses spend up to 18 hours a day feeding. Their relatively small stomachs are thus constantly filled with small amounts of feed. Implementing this in modern horse feeding presents a great challenge. The keeping and use of horses has changed, but their digestive systems have not. Ideally, they should be supplied with frequent small meals throughout the day, primarily roughage and a small amount of concentrated or supplementary feed if needed. AGROBS pursues this basic principle in creating the best horse feed for our animals.
Generally, AGROBS puts a lot of emphasis on roughage in form of high-quality hay. This hay is also processed in our hay substitute products. Supplementary we suggest an adequate mineral feed. We also offer a grain-free muesli and mash alternative, AlpenGrün Müsli and AlpenGrün Mash. Especially the AlpenGrün Mash can have a positive effect in case of stomach problems or faecal water syndrome. AGROBS' nutritional concept traditionally follows a nature-based and species-appropriate nutrition for healthy and happy horses, successful for over 30 years!