Haferwiese Sportmüsli

Highly-digestible Energy source for Sport and Exercise

  • four important energy sources: starches, proteins, fatty acids, and crude fibres
  • with a balanced starch content – easy to digest
  • with high-quality oats grown in Bavaria
  • essential amino acids and proteins to support muscle development
  • no molasses or artificial additives, all-natural ingredients
  • balanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratio
  • commercial form: 15 kg paper sack
  • Commercial form:
    15 kg paper sack
The new HAFERWIESE SPORTMÜSLI feed is designed for horses used in sport and breeding. With a perfectly balanced combination of natural energy and protein sources to meet the high requirements of the modern sport horse: rich in metabolisable energy and with high acceptance.

This structure-rich muesli is based on a horse's natural requirements, with four natural sources of energy: in addition to highly digestible starch and proteins, it also contains unsaturated fatty acids and extra high-quality crude fibre. The fibre content promotes chewing and thus feed digestibility whilst protecting the stomach by increasing saliva production.

Haferwiese Sportmüsli is a high-energy, high-structure muesli feed with a balanced starch content. It provides the sport horse with optimum energy but is gentle on the digestive tract. Its native essential amino acids support the development of powerful muscle needed for sport. 

This flavourful muesli contains only natural ingredients with no artificial additives, flavours or molasses. It contains Myo Protein Flakes and Bavarian-grown lucerne, to provide protein that's rich in crude fibre; tasty yellow and black oats, classic energy suppliers with highly digestible starch; sunflower seeds and linseed cake with unsaturated fatty acids for additional energy and a shiny coat as well as mucilage and fibre for healthy digestion; root vegetables – parsnip, carrots and beetroot – supplemented with blossoms for valuable vital substances and high acceptance.

Haferwiese Sportmüsli lays the foundation for a diet that supports performance in modern sport horses and the training of healthy and resilient athletes.

  • as a complete concentrate feed
  • as nutritional feed for sport horses and young horses
  • as enhancement and vital-substance-rich supplement to conventional roughage
  • with a high-structure formula to lengthen feeding times


Feeding Recommendation

  • as complete concentrate feed: approx. 100 – 500 g per 100 kg of target body weight daily
  • or as supplement to conventional feed
  • introduce new feed gradually
  • An AGROBS® feed scoop (1.5 l) holds an average of approx. 580 g of Haferwiese Sportmüsli. To the overview of all product weights.

Haferwiese Sportmüsli may be moistened with water if needed.
As mineral supplement, we suggest an AGROBS® mineral feed, adapted to your horse and its needs.


Feed additive for horses, ingredients:
oats (common wild oat, yellow oat), Myo Protein Flakes*, lucerne, linseed cake, sunflower seeds, carrot flakes, blended oils (linseed and camelina), rose hips (chopped), parsnips, beetroot, calendula petals, cornflower petals

*= made of grass, herbs and legumes

Analytical components:
Crude protein 14.20 % Starch 24.00 %
Crude fat 6.90 % Sugar 5.18 %
Crude fibre 14.30 % Fructan 1.79 %
Crude ash 4.30 %    
Calcium 0.26 % Metabolisable energy 10.60 ME MJ/kg
Phosphorus 0.38 % Prececal dig. crude protein 10.90 %
Sodium 0.02 %    
The analysed values are of native origin.
The analysed sugar value is also of wholly native origin. No added artificial sugars.

Status: 06/2024


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