Roughage in Form of Flakes

  • over 60 different grasses and herbs guarantee high contents of vital substances and crude fibre, without lucerne
  • free of dust and mould
  • warm air-dried
  • a high content of crude fibre enhances saliva production and eases digestion of the concentrated feed, feeding times are extended
  • feeding times are extended
  • free of molasses, low in starch and fructan
  • quick and easy to prepare: ready in 5 minutes, even with cold water
  • Commercial form:
    20 kg paper sack
A horse's digestion physiology, as plant eater and former plain-dwelling animal, is based on a high raw-fiber, richly structured diet. Despite domestication and changes in horse usage, the structure and function of the digestion system, as well as the measure of food intake, have remained the same. A horse's relatively small stomach is designed to receive a constant supply of smaller quantities of feed, important not only for an undisturbed digestion, but also for the psyche and particularly the well-being of the horse.
For this, roughage products provide a solid foundation as they satisfy the horse's strong need to chew and offer sufficiently long feeding times. Due to the large quantities required (a 600kg body weight requires approx. 9kg roughage) by a horse each day, it is recognized that roughage products must form the main constituent of each and every horse's diet. To maintain or restore healthy intestinal flora, the micro-organisms found in the large intestine are dependent on the flow of high quality fiber in sufficient amounts. In the event of a continued lack of high-fiber roughage, this can have far-reaching consequences on the horse's health (e.g. destruction of intestinal flora, colic, stool water, emaciation). The use of contaminated or over-ripe roughage, as well as excessive grain feeding, not only leads to considerable digestion problems, but also presents a strain on the horse's entire body.
PRE ALPIN® Wiesenflakes® is a special product from Agrobs; an easy-feeding, high quality roughage product made by an innovative production process. PRE ALPIN® Wiesenflakes® is an ideal substitute to hay. The flake-like dosage form enables an uncomplicated feeding as an additive to the regular daily portion of basic feed or mixed in with existing trough feed. Trough feed will become more structured and the horse's daily high quality fiber intake will increase.
At the same time, the horse's chewing will increase, leading to a slower intake of feed and the increased saliva production will lead to better digestion of the trough feed, at the same time serving to retain a healthy intestinal flora.
PRE ALPIN® Wiesenflakes® can also be used in softened form by adding water. The large surface area guarantees a quick softening, perfect for ensuring optimum roughage intake for older horses or horses with jaw or tooth problems.
Through careful processing, PRE ALPIN® Wiesenflakes®, as all Pre Alpin products, is rich in nutrients and vital substances. It is also free from dust and mold spores and offers a high-grade and clean alternative to hay or silage. Perfect for horses with hay dust allergies, PRE ALPIN® Wiesenflakes® provides an ideal source of roughage.
  • Over 60 different kinds of meadow grasses and herbs
  • Optimum supply of crude fibre
  • High in natural vitamins, trace elements, and minerals
  • No molasses
  • No added essential oils or artificial aromas
  • Low in protein
  • Low in starch and fructans
  • Free of mould and dust
  • as basic feed (100% hay substitute)
  • for enhancement of hay, silage, pasture
  • as substitute for concentrated feed
  • in case of undersupply with applicable crude fibre e.g. due to tooth loss
  • in case of respiratory problems due to dust and mould in the basic feed
  • in case of age-related weight loss
  • for increasing fluid intake
  • extends feeding time
  • for masking medication

Feeding Recommendation

  • as basic feed (100 % hay substitute): approximately 1.5 kg per 100kg ideal body weight per day
  • as concentrated feed: 1.2 kg substitute approximately 1 kg of grain
  • for enhancement of the basic feed: 1 kg substitutes approximately 1 kg of hay
  • introduce feed gradually
AGROBS® recommends softening the flakes through soaking.


Single feed for horses, ingredients:
meadow grasses and herbs

Analytical components:

Crude protein 8.30 % Zinc 25.00 mg/kg
Crude oils and fats 2.40 % Manganese 108.60 mg/kg
Crude fibre 27.30 % Copper 5.00 mg/kg
Crude ash 8.30 % Selenium 0.16 mg/kg
Calcium 0.52 %    
Phosphorus 0.24 % Lysine 0.40 %
Magnesium 0.20 % Methionine 0.15 %
Chloride 0.32 % Cystine 0.08 %
Sodium 0.03 % Threonine 0.35 %
Potassium 1.37 %    
Sulphur 0.14 % Digestible energy 7.90 DE MJ / kg
Starch 1.61 % Metabolisable energy 6.70 ME MJ/kg
Sugar 9.42 % Prececal dig. crude protein 4.00 %
Fructan 6.50 %    
The analysed values are of native origin.

The analysed sugar value is also of wholly native origin. No added artificial sugars.

Status 01/2021


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