green oats

From the Young Oat Plant

  • especially tasty grain substitute or to extend feeding time
  • appropriate for all horses
  • warm air-dried
  • free of molasses, low in starch and fructan
  • naturally regulates the acid-base balance
  • rich in natural vitamins and trace elements
  • naturally low energy content due to early harvesting after flowering but before building up the starch content
  • high content off crude fibre with low starch and sugar contents
  • Commercial form:
    15 kg bale
Oats with a difference

Giving horses cereal-rich concentrated feed often leads to high starch levels.
This is where Green Oats step in.
Green Oats belong to the grass family and are harvested shortly after they bloom (before starch deposits occur in the seed) thus leading to a concentrated feed low in starch but rich in raw fibre.

Many positive qualities have been attributed to Green Oats: they stimulate metabolism, help regulate digestion and strengthen the immune system. Green Oats deliver a great variety of natural vital substances.

Thanks to AGROBS´gentle warm air-drying process, Green Oats are not onlyfree from mould and bacteria, they are also perfect for sensitive horses or horses with allergies.
Green Oats enhance basic feed rations as structured feed. The fibres are tasty to eat and help ensure a slow feed intake.

AGROBS Green Oats advantages:
  • rich in fibre
  • particularly tasty
  • rich in natural vitamins and trace elements
  • low in sugar and starch
  • free from molasses


  • as substitute for concentrated feed
  • for enhancement of crib feed
  • for regulation of the acid-base balance

Feeding Recommendation

  • as supplementation to basic feed: 100 to 500 g per 100 kg ideal body weight
  • as grain substitute: 1.2 kg substitute approximately 1 kg of grain
As mineral supplement, we suggest an AGROBS® mineral feed, adapted to your horse and its needs.


Single feed for horses, ingredients:
green oats, chaffed
Analytic components:

Crude protein 7.90 % Fructan 2.90 %
Crude oils and fats 2.90 % Zinc 21.00 mg/kg
Crude fibre 25.70 % Manganese 43.00 mg/kg
Crude ash 6.90 % Copper 3.90 mg/kg
Calcium 0.27 % Selenium < 0.04 mg/kg
Phosphorus 0.29 % Lysine 0.34 %
Magnesium 0.14 % Methionine 0.11 %
Chloride 0.32 % Cystine 0.05 %
Sodium 0.01 % Threonine 0.27 %
Potassium 1.97 % Digestible energy 8.39 DE MJ/kg
Sulphur 0.12 % Metabolisable energy 7.20 ME MJ/kg
Starch 2.25 % Precaec. dig. crude protein 4.80 %
Sugar 6.20 %    

The analysed values are of native origin.
Status 01/2020

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