Premium Hay for Horses

  • different grasses and herbs guarantee high contents of vital substances and crude fibre
  • fibre length of up to 15 cm
  • 100 % high-quality hay for at home and the road
  • gently warm air-dried and sun-dried hay
  • dust extraced for highest quality
  • rich in natrural vitamins and trace elements
  • Commercial form:
    12,5 kg bale
For many of us, the smell of hay awakens pleasant thoughts. The scent of freshly mown grass, wildflowers, and herbs brings back memories of warm summer days.

For our horses, however, hay means much more. Hay is an important source of equine nutrition and fibre, and should serve as the foundation of a well-balanced feed ration. The equine digestive system is designed to obtain energy from grasses and herbs, and horses consume a large amount of hay every day as a basis of their diet. Hay is indispensable for equine gut health, increases chewing and promotes tooth abrasion in connection with slow eating. This underscores the importance of hay in equine nutrition.

AGROBS AlpenHeu is harvested from the lush high meadows just north of the Bavarian Alps. The altitude and the lime-rich soil offer an ideal location for biodiverse meadows with a high concentration of herbs.

AGROBS AlpenHeu is cut at the right time and in the right length. Harvest time is determined by the vegetation and is carried out between the end of the grasses' flowering period and their seed formation. This ensures the high crude fibre content that horses need along with a low protein and fructan content.

After being harvested, the grasses and herbs are gently dried with warm air, mixed with sun-dried hay, and cleaned of dust, resulting in high-quality, dust-free AGROBS AlpenHeu. Its unique composition contains numerous native minerals, trace elements and vitamins, giving AGROBS AlpenHeu its special delicious taste.

Regular inspections of the meadows are essential for the high quality of AGROBS AlpenHeu. Plant stocks, the soil conditions and land maintenance are inspected at least once a year.
  • High in crude fibre
  • Low in protein
  • With over 60 different types of grasses and herbs
  • High in natural vitamins and trace elements
  • Now with new 12.5 kg packaging for longer fibres!
  • Packaged in recyclable film.

  • 100% hay basis feed
  • for enhancement of the daily ration of hay
  • also ideal for travelling because it is easy to transport

Feeding Recommendation

  • approximately 1.5 kg  per 100 kg ideal body weight per day
  • poor doers and underweight horses can be fed Alpenheu ad lib


Single feed for horses, ingredients:
Meadow grasses and herbs, warm air dried and sun-dried 
Analytical components:
Crude protein 7.20 % Starch 1.90 %
Crude fat 1.40 % Sugar 9.50 %
Crude fibre 30.80 % Fructan 4.30 %
Crude ash 5.80 %    
Calcium 0.20 % Metabolisable energy 6.00 ME MJ / kg
Phosphorus 0.20 % Prececal dig. crude protein 4.70 %
Sodium 0.04 %    

The analysed values are of native origin.
The analysed sugar value is also of wholly native origin. No added artificial sugars.

Status 06/2024


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