Herb Seeds for the Pasture

  • selected herbs
  • ideal for many locations
  • certified seeds from Bavarian cultures, meets the regulations of the International Seed Testing association (ISTA)
  • perfect for pasture and haying
  • Commercial form: 1 kg bag
A variety of herbs for horse pastures

The Kräutermix by AGROBS® provides a selected blend of meadow herbs. The natural contents of minerals in the herbs and their aromatic, healing and active substances can enhance the animals’ health in a natural way and make the feed tasty.

Kräutermix may be added to supplement grass seed on horse pastures or can be used specifically to improve existing pastures.

For reseeding and new planting.


Composition, Care & Seeding

small burnet, meridian fennel, ribwort plantain, wild carrot, common chicory, fennel

Adapted, moderate fertilisation or first feeding in spring, fertilisation after nutrient withdrawal

Seeding level:
1 to 2 kg / ha

Seeding period:
early spring or fall, mow at initial growth height of 15 to 20 cm

Sowing depth:
approximately 1 cm

perennial (up to 6 years)

General tips for use and maintenance:                                     
  • Alternate fields between mowing and grazing use
  • Avoid overgrazing and turnout to wet pastures
  • Timely pasture rotation (short grazing times, long recovery times for a stable turf)
  • Turf should never be shorter than 5-6 cm
  • Pasture maintenance in spring (harrow, roll if necessary)
  • Mow after grazing
  • Reseed areas with tread damage, patchy stock


Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about Kräutermix.

Questions & answers about Kräutermix

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