The Strength of Plant for Energy and Performance

  • very high content of long chop for a healthy digestion thanks to use of the complete plant
  • free of molasses and dust
  • maize cobs, made of the complete plant, provide highly digestible starch and, therefore, serve as ideal energy source for build-up of underweight horses
  • protein-rich meadow grasses and herbs contain many natural vital substances
  • alfalfa cobs, rich in leaves provide essential amino acids for muscle build-up
  • Commercial form:
    20 kg paper sack
Plant power for energy and performance
Horses require additional energy-rich feed for increased physical activities (e.g. during growth, pregnancy or during tournaments and sports).
This is where AGROBS Kraftpaket comes into play.
Kraftpaket consists of extremely efficient natural plant components, optimally combining protein-rich meadow grasses and herbs with alfalfa and entire corn plants, thereby providing your horse with highly digestible starches in addition to healthy, natural sources of protein. Kraftpaket’s fibre-rich combination is easily tolerated – digestion and metabolism are not burdened as in cases involving cereals.
Thanks to the controlled meadow cultivation as well as the gentle drying and processing of the entire plants, nutrients and vitamins can be preserved. Kraftpaket delivers high levels of essential amino acids, natural beta-carotene and vitamin E and meets the all-year needs of these vital nutrients for sport, stud and young horses.
Older horses can also profit from Kraftpaket. In the winter months, the older generation often requires more protein and energy than their younger comrades. Kraftpaket can enhance the daily feeding ration as required. 
  • natural feed for horses with high energy requirements
  • rich in valuable protein (amino acids)
  • rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E
  • rich in highly digestible starches
  • high natural trace element content
  • free from molasses, dust and binding

  • as build-up feed in times of increased need (growth, gestation, performance in tournaments and sports)
  • as complete crib feed
  • for enhancement of hay and silage
  • for healthy build-up of underweight horses as well as in case of weight loss due to old age or dental problems

Feeding Recommendation

  • dependent on type of horse and performance: 300 to 500 g per 100 kg ideal body weight
  • for build-up: 1.2 kg substitute approximately 1 kg of grain
AGROBS® recommends softening the cobs through soaking.

As mineral supplement, we suggest an AGROBS® mineral feed, adapted to your horse and its needs.


Feed additives for horses, ingredients:
Meadow grasses and herbs, complete maize plant, alfalfa

Analytic components:
Crude protein 13.80 % Zinc 36.00 mg/kg
Crude oils and fats 3.60 % Manganese 187.00 mg/kg
Crude fibre 18.70 % Copper 8.20 mg/kg
Crude ash 8.50 % Selenium 0.06 mg/kg
Calcium 0.71 % Vitamine E 55.00 mg/kg
Phosphorus 0.30 % β-Carotene 119.00 mg/kg
Magnesium 0.31 % Lysine 0.62 %
Chloride 0.44 % Methionine 0.22 %
Sodium 0.09 % Cystine 0.08 %
Potassium 1.75 % Threonine 0.53 %
Sulphur 0.18 % Digestible energy 7.79 DE MJ/kg
Starch 4.80 % Metabolisable energy 6.30 ME MJ/kg
Sugar 9.990 % Precaec. dig. crude protein 6.14 %
Fructan 3.79 %    

The analysed values are of native origin.
Status 01/2020

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Super zum Aufbau
Beide eher schwerfuttrigen Pferde (ein Paint, ein Quarter) haben mit Kraftpaket super aufgebaut und stehen endlich wieder gut da. Wird gern gefressen und super vertragen.
Leckeres Futter
Mein Pferd mag das Futter sehr gerne.
Lena Saßmannshausen from Rattenberg
Gutes Futter welches gern gefressen wird
Sehr schönes Futter, gute Größe derCobs. Wird von allen 3 gerne gefressen u auch als KF-Ersatz verwendet... bisher voll zufrieden
Ronja from Rendsburg
Gutes Beispiel für Agrobs Qualität
Mein Großer bekommt das Kraftpaket damit er wieder zunimmt und die Muskeln weiter wachsen. Er sieht richtig gut aus. Das Futter riecht super natürlich und alle Pferde im Stall sind verrückt danach. Top
Grit from Bad Liebenstein
Kraftpaket eben
Meine 29-jährige Kleinpferdstute bekommt ihre Heucobs damit aufgewertet. Sie frisst es gern und hat ein gutes Gewicht.
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