From the Complete Plant

  • especially rich in crude fibre through use of the complete plant
  • appropriate for liver and kidney diets
  • high energy density with low protein content and high fibre content
  • for build-up of underweight horses and hard keepers
  • provide energy for endurance performance
  • for nervous and very temperamental horses
  • Commercial form:
    20 kg paper sack
Feeding high-performance sport horses or horses that are difficult to feed poses special challenges. When the ability to ingest feed is reduced, it becomes more difficult to ensure an adequate supply of energy while maintaining a sufficient amount of raw fiber. Accordingly, using energy-rich basic feed is indispensable for healthy nutrition.

The entire corn plant - stem, leaves, and cobs - is used to make AGROBS MAISCOBS. This ensures that the horse will receive not only energy, but also sufficient raw fiber without its metabolism having to deal with too much starch. The plants are harvested at the optimum time, chaffed, and immediately dried in an modern drying plant using warm air. This gentle preservation process ensures there will be no nutrient-reducing fermentation and creates a product with a high energy density.
The advantage of corn cobs lies in their high raw fiber content combined with high energy density and low protein content (4.66 percent digestible raw protein). This ensures energy is released slowly and at a constant rate in the large intestine. This is a distinct benefit, especially for horses that have to perform at endurance activities such as distance, versatility and driving sports.
Nervous and temperamental horses also benefit from the high content of slow-digesting carbohydrates. Energy is released slowly and does not increase the excitability risk of nervous horses.
  • low in protein
  • high in energy
  • free of additives
  • 9 mm diameter


  • as build-up feed in times of increased need
  • in underweight and/or old horses for build-up
  • for a low-protein diet
  • in case of endurance performance (e.g. in endurance or military horses)

Feeding Recommendation

  • dependent on type of horse and performance: 100 to 300 g per 100 kg ideal body weight

AGROBS® recommends softening the cobs through soaking.

As mineral supplement, we suggest an AGROBS® mineral feed, adapted to your horse and its needs.


Single feed for horses, ingredients:
complete maize plant from Bavarian cultivation

Analytic components:
Crude protein 6.40 % Zinc 18.00 mg/kg
Crude oils and fats 2.10 % Manganese 50.00 mg/kg
Crude fibre 21.50 % Copper 4.00 mg/kg
Cude ash 2.30 % Selenium < 0.04 mg/kg
Calcium 0.25 % Vitamine E 34.00 mg/kg
Phosphorus 0.19 % β-Carotene 33.30 mg/kg
Magnesium 0.15 % Lysine 0.22 %
Chloride 0.25 % Methionine 0.11 %
Sodium 0.003 % Cystine 0.10 %
Potassium 1.07 % Threonine 0.23 %
Sulphur 0.08 % Digestible energy 10.27 DE MJ / kg
Starch 20.20 % Metabolisable energy 9.30 ME MJ/kg
Sugar 6.94 % Precaec. dig. crude protein 4.08 %
Fructan 2.98 %    

The analysed values are of native origin.
Status 01/2020

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Bine from Geisenheim
Alles bestens!! Schnelle Lieferung gutes Futter
Mee from Belgien
Top zum Zunehmen
Meine 25-jährige, etwas zu dünne Ponystute liebt das Futter und nimmt dadurch gut zu. Allerdings weiche ich es ihr ein (2 L Wasser auf 1kg Futter), weil ich die trockenen Pellets etwas zu hart für ihre alten Zähne finde.
Hochwertiges Futter.
Riecht nach Mais, wenn eingeweicht sieht es auch aus wie Mais. Und es schmeckt meine Pferde super.
Rina from S.
Suchte Heuersatz wegen Schlundverstopfung vom Heu (schlechtes Gebiss). Sehr schönes Futter. Fällt sehr leicht aus einander wenn Wasser drauf gegossen wird. Pferde essen es super gerne und es riecht angenehm. Für mich empfehlenswert wenn man ersatz für Heu sucht.
D.K. from Minden
Lecker :-)
Werden gerne gefressen
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