Special feed mix for chinchillas and degus

  • Based on the natural diets of chinchillas and degus
  • Made from over 60 different meadow grasses and herbs, roots, blossoms and seeds
  • free of grain
  • No added flavourings or preservatives
  • No synthetic vitamin C
  • Commercial form:
    8 kg paper sack
Foods corresponding to the natural diets of chinchillas and degus are essential for their proper nutrition. These consist of high-fibre plants that include dried grasses and herbs, leaves, blossoms, roots and barks.

A high-quality hay or base feed should always serve as the basis for our pets’ diets. You should refrain from using a cereal-based compound feed as a feed supplement, as this does not correspond to the natural diet of the animals and may make them ill.

Agrobs Naturmix uses only ingredients that correspond to the natural diets of these animals.

Naturmix for chinchillas and degus...
  • Contains only ingredients corresponding to the animals’ natural diets.
  • is made from over 60 different meadow grasses and herbs, roots, blossoms and seeds
  • provides an optimum supply of crude fibre
  • contains no grain
  • Allows selective feeding
  • Made without added flavourings, preservatives, or binding agents

Feeding Recommendation

  • in addition to hay
  • as an enhancement to base feed
Our feeds contain no synthetic vitamin C. We recommend daily supplements of fresh vegetables or rose hips as natural sources of vitamin C.


Feed additives for chinchillas and degus


Air-dried meadow grasses and herbs, nettle, red clover blossoms, lamb’s tongue leaves, dandelion leaves, rose hips, blackberry leaves, strawberry leaves, dandelion root, rose petals, hibiscus blossoms, lime tree blossoms

Analytical components:
Crude protein 9,50 % Water 10,00 %
Crude Oils and fats 2,10 % Calcium 0,95 %
Crude fibre 23,10 % Phosphorus 0,27 %
Crude ash 8,90 %    

The analysed values are of native origin.

Status 11/2017

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