Biodiversity of the Alpine Foothills

  • selected and various species of grasses and herbs
  • ideal for many locations
  • balanced blend of high and low grasses for horse nutrition
  • certified seeds from Bavarian cultures
  • meets the regulations of the International Seed Testing association (ISTA)
  • no high performance grass types
  • perfect for pasture and haying
  • Commercial form: 10 kg paper sack 
The Bavarian Alpine foothills are rich in different types of grasses and herbs, on which AGROBS has based its special seed blends for pastures.
PRE ALPIN Seed features a balanced mix of over and under grasses, enhanced with important and tasty herbs, ensuring sufficient fodder yield. A thick turf is quickly established. Fast regeneration and trample-resistance guarantee durability. PRE ALPIN Seeds is perfect for all soil types.

Suitable for reseeding and new seeding.

Composition, Care & Seeding

German rye grass, timothy grass, red fescue, meadow fescue, bluegrass, orchard grass, tall fescue, tall oat grass, meadow foxtail, golden oat grass, caraway, dill, pimpinella, wild parsley, fennel, chicory, parsnip, yarrow, ribwort, wild carrot

Adapted moderate fertilisation

Seeding levels:

  • New Seeding 30 kg / ha
  • Reseeding    10 kg / ha

Seeding period:
early spring or fall (october), mow at initial growth height of 15 to 20 cm

Sowing depth:
approximately 1 cm

perennial (up to 6 years)

General tips for use and maintenance:

  • Alternate fields between mowing and grazing use
  • Avoid overgrazing and turnout to wet pastures
  • Timely pasture rotation (short grazing times, long recovery times for a stable turf)
  • Turf should never be shorter than 5-6 cm
  • Pasture maintenance in spring (harrow, roll if necessary)
  • Mow after grazing
  • Tread damage, patchy stock

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