Sensitiv Plus

Low-protein, low-energy base feed for small ruminants

  • especially high in crude fibre
  • very low in protein
  • free from mould and dust
  • for low-protein, low-calcium diets
  • Commercial form:
    20 kg paper bag
Sheep and goats often consume too much protein and energy when they feed on fresh young forage or high quantities of cereals.
Here is where Sensitiv Plus from Agrobs can help.

Sensitiv Plus is a forage consisting of select low-protein grasses which also provides sufficient crude fibre to meet the needs of sensitive small ruminants. Sensitiv Plus is a high-structure feed that ensures an optimum supply of roughage and aids digestion. The reduced protein content in Sensitiv Plus makes it the fitting alternative to conventional forage and concentrate feeds, especially for animals that have kidney problems or are susceptible to kidney stones. Naturally low in copper, Sensitiv Plus can also be fed long-term to sheep without hesitation. Its structure satisfies the chewing needs of ruminants and promotes saliva production to support the natural microorganisms in the rumen. When soaked in water, the pellets can be used as a forage substitute for older animals or animals with dental issues.

Sensitiv Plus is generally recommended for all small ruminants, especially hobby farm animals.

Sensitiv Plus is:
  • especially high in crude fibre
  • low in protein, calcium, and copper
  • free of moulds and dust
  • in practical 9 mm pellet form

  •  For hand feeding and automatic feeders in petting zoos
  • When soaked, as a forage substitute for animals with dental problems
  • As a spring/autumn supplement to pasture, when young grasses are high in protein
  • and low in crude fibre
  • To supplement hay and silage
  • For low-protein, low-calcium diets

Feeding Recommendation

  • as a substitute for base feed: 1 kg Sensitiv Plus in place of 1 kg hay
  • as a high-fibre feed supplement: approx. 100–300 g per 50 kg of body weigh (for example for hobby or petting zoo animals, or as a crude fibre supplement to pasture)
  • the feed can also be soaked in water if desired.


Single feed for small ruminants (sheep, goat) , ingredients:

Analytical components:
Crude protein 6.20 % Manganese 33.80 mg/kg
Crude oil and fafs 1.60 % Copper 3.50 mg/kg
Crude Fibre 31.90 % Selenium 0.021 mg/kg
Crude ash 6.20 % Starch 8.20 %
Calcium 0.21 % Sugar 11.40 %
Phosphorus 0.22 % Fructan 3.50 %
Magnesium 0.07 %    
Zinc 18.00 mg/kg Metabolisable energy 8.20 MJ/kg UE

Status: 07/2022

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