Sensitiv Plus

Low-protein, low-energy base feed for small ruminants

  • especially high in crude fibre
  • very low in protein
  • free from mould and dust
  • for low-protein, low-calcium diets
  • Commercial form:
    20 kg paper bag
When sheep and goats are fed fresh, young green fodder or high-cereal feeds, they are often provided with too much protein and energy for their nutritional needs.
Sensitiv Plus from AGROBS can help.

Sensitiv Plus is a roughage/base feed made from grasses that are very low in protein yet high in crude fibre to aid metabolism. The high fibre in Sensitiv Plus ensures an optimum supply of roughage and aids digestion, promoting a healthy balance of intestinal flora in animals with digestive problems. Sensitiv Plus is extremely low in protein, making it a fitting alternative to base feed or crib fodder, especially for animals with kidney problems or susceptibility to kidney stones. Its high fibre satisfies the animals’ chewing and rumination needs, promotes salivation and aids rumen flora.

Sensitiv Plus is recommended for all small ruminants, especially those kept as hobby animals.

Sensitiv Plus:
  • especially high in crude fibre
  • very low in protein
  • free from fungi and dust
  • practical 9 mm pellets

  • for hand feeding and feed dispensers in petting zoos
  • as a supplement to pasture grazing in spring and autumn, when the grass is young and therefore is high in protein and low in crude fibre
  • as a supplement to hay and silage
  • for animals with protein intolerances
  • for low-protein, low-calcium diets

Feeding Recommendation

  • as a substitute for base feed: 1 kg Sensitiv Plus in place of 1 kg hay
  • as a high-fibre feed supplement: approx. 100–300 g per 50 kg of body weigh (for example for hobby or petting zoo animals, or as a crude fibre supplement to pasture)
  • the feed can also be soaked in water if desired.


Single feed, Ingredients:

Analytical components:
Crude protein 5,30 % Manganese 14,00 mg/kg
Crude oil and fafs 1,10 % Copper 4,10 mg/kg
Crude Fibre 29,70 % selenium 0,07 mg/kg
Crude ash 3,60 % Starch 11,20 %
Calcium 0,30 % Sugar 7,30 %
Phosphorus 0,22 % Fructan 6,14 %
Magnesium 0,08 %    
Zinc 16,00 mg/kg Metabolisable energy 9,28 ME MJ/kg


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