testudo saatgut

High-quality seed mix for tortoises

  • herbs of the Alpine foothills to grow at home
  • perennial plants
  • free of grain and without any animal ingredients
  • Commercial form: 100 g bag
Testudo Saatgut is a combination of herb seeds from meadows in the Alpine foothills for you to grow at home. These herbs not only look good in your garden, they also provide healthy and tasty plants for your tortoise to eat. The plants are perennials and grow to a height of 30–40 cm.

Suitable for all tortoises (Greek tortoises, Palearctic tortoises, Russian tortoises)

Care & Seeding

  • Suitable for cultivation in containers and gardens
  • Planting period: spring to autumn
  • Soil substrate: unfertilised garden soil
  • Spacing: 2 g/m²
  • Gently press seeds into moist earth (0-1 cm below surface)
  • Water regularly after sprouting
  • Keep tortoises away from new shoots in garden areas 


Anthyllis, vetchling, parsley, dill, fennel, caraway, lamb’s tongue, burnet, marigold, daisy, widow flower, mallow, chicory

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