The Healthy Treat

  • free of grain and molasses, appropriate for all horses
  • low in starch and sugar
  • easy to dispense
  • the healthy alternative without flavour enhancers and artificial additives
  • the high-quality basis of grasses and herbs, refined with root vegetables and fruits, make WiesenBussis a nature-based and species-appropriate treat
  • Commercial form:
    1 kg bag
    10 kg bucket
    25 kg paper sack

A healthy treat!

Treats are chocolate for horses. It is important that treats are healthy too so they can be given without having to think twice.
There is where WiesenBussi come into play!

AGROBS WiesenBussi are cereal-free treats based on the trusted Pre Alpin dried green fibre. Selected ingredients such as warm air-dried grasses and herbs, root vegetables and fruit is not only tasty, but also healthy. In its receipe, AGROBS has paid particular attention to a low starch and sugar content ensuring that overweight horses or horses with metabolism problems can enjoy WiesenBussi too.

AGROBS WiesenBussi are suitable for all horses. The conscious lack of cereals and artifical additives guarantee a natural and appropriate treat.

  • rich in fibre
  • ceral free
  • molasses free
  • free from artificial additives
  • low in sugar and starch

  • the healthy alternative to conventional treats
  • ideal treat substitute also in obese ponies and horses in small amounts

Feeding Recommendation

  • as a reward


Feed additive for horses, ingredients:
Pre Alpin dried green fibres, beet slices, parsnips, carrots, apple fibres, malt yeast aroma, herbs (holy thistle, blueberry leaves, rosehip, sheperd´s purse, stinging nettle), linseed and sunflower oil (cold-pressed), chalk from sea algae chalk, beetroot, honey

Analytic components:
Crude protein 9.60 % Phosphorus 0.30 %
Crude oils and fats 3.00 % Sodium 0.10 %
Crude fibre 20.00 % Starch 3.50 %
Crude ash 9.00 % Sugar 6.00 %
Calcium 2.00 %    

Status 01/2020

Customer reviews

Customer reviews (116)

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by Christine B. from Nürnberg
Die Pferdchen in unserem Stall vergeben 5 Sterne, weil die Bussis einfach lecker sind. Und auch gut zu dosieren.
by Heike from Langen
5 sterne.
Habe einen 5 Jahre alten Mischlingsrüden und einen 24 Jahre alten Traberwallach, die zwei teilen sich das leckere Mash ( getreidefrei ) und die Wiesenbussis.Brauch also zum Belohnen nur noch eine Sorte Leckerlie.Man kann mit eurem tollen Futter also nicht nur Pferde sondern auch Hunde glücklich machen.
by N. Neumann from München
Kleine Leckerlie für die schnelle Belohnung
Die Leckerlies sind schön klein und krümeln nicht, so dass man sie gut ins Training einbauen kann. Mein Pferd nimmt sie gerne an und freut sich über die gesunde Belohnung.
by Saskia from Müncheberg
Schmankel für den vierbeinigen Schatz
Sehr tolle Leckerli, wurden von meinem Pferd gerne angenommen. Und scheinen zu schmecken ;-)
by Kurt Harig from Wadgassen
Candis und Candy sind ganz verrückt danach!
Für unsre beiden Racker gibt es keine bessere Belohnung!
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