Testudo Baby

Extra-fine base feed for juvenile tortoises

  • meadow leaves and seeds from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, rich in vital substances
  • ideal calcium-phosphorous ratio
  • Extra-short fibres
  • provides an optimum supply of crude fibre for maintaining healthy intestinal flora
  • recommended by the Auffangsstation für Reptilien München e.V., Germany’s biggest reptile rescue centre
  • no artificial flavourings or preservatives
  • no cereals or animal products
  • Commercial form:
    300 g container
    0,8 kg paper bag
The diet of wild tortoises is always determined by the vegetation in their natural habitat. In their original environment the actual vegetation period is usually limited to a short time followed by dryness and heat from midsummer to fall. The crude fibre content of the plants is reatively low and the protein content quite high during springtime. During summer herbs and grasses will "age". The crude fibre content therefore increases in midsummer while the protein content strongly decreases.
To meed the requirements of the organism the diet of pet tortoises should also be adjusted to the respective season.

PRE ALPIN Testudo Baby
The nutritional requirements of baby tortoises resemble those of fully grown tortoises. They primarily need herbs and grasses from meagre meadows with a high plant diversity. Even though this seems harsh a restrained diet scanty to human standards is recommendable. This is the only way to ensure an appropriate slow growth and to avoid consequential health problems.

PRE ALPIN Testudo Baby is a particularly fine food adjusted to the needs of young tortoises. The components are leaves and seeds rich in vital substances from meagre Upper Bavarian meadows with a high degree of deversity. Due to the fine composition and the extra short fibre length even juvenile animals of a weight of up to 200 g can be supplied with a sufficient amount of crude fibre and vital substances.

PRE ALPIN Testudo Baby for all juvenile tortoises (with a weight of up to 200 g)...
  • provides juvenile tortoises with a diet adapted to their natural habitat
  • ensures development and a healthy intestinal flora
  • is free of flavouring and preservative substances
  • optimises the supply of nutrients and vital substances
  • ensures an optimum crude fibre supply
  • contains no cereals or animal parts
  • offers an ideal cacium/phosphorus ratio
  • can be freely offered at any time
  • is recommended by the Zoological Institute in Munich

Feeding Recommendation

  • Testudo Baby can be fed in unlimited quantities to juvenile tortoises weighing up to 200 g
  • can be fed in unlimited quantities when moistened
  • serve fresh feed daily!


Single feed for tortoises, ingredients:
Meadow grasses and herbs, fine fibres (unpressed)

Analytic components:

Crude protein 9.90 % Water 8.00 %
Crude oils and fats 2.90 % Calcium 0.69 %
Crude fibre 24.80 % Phosphorus 0.28 %
Crude ash 9.20 %    

(This indications are average values - minor variances are possible in natural products.) 

Status 11/2017


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by Mats from Tamsweg
by Carmen from W.
Sehr gute Qualität des Futters
Über ihr Lieblingsfutter gestreut fressen die Schildkröten die getrockneten Kräuter mit.
by A.L. from Griesheim
Gut, für Schildkrötenbabys!
Ich bin der Überzeugung, dass dies ein sehr gutes Futter ist. Es ist sehr fein, kann also von den Minischildkröten gut aufgenommen werden. Jedoch bevorzugen sie im Moment noch frische Pflanzen, was im Winter dann schwierig werden dürfte.
by Tammy Wetzels from Limbricht Niederlanden
Sehr lecker
Ich streue es auf feuchtes futter und die schildkröten fressen es sehr gerne.
by Markus from Köln
sieht gut aus
Gute Konsistenz. Aber ob die Schildies das essen? Kann ich jedenfalls nicht nachprüfen. :-) Werde ich künftig wieder kaufen

Kommentar der Firma AGROBS:
Sollte für Ihre Schildkröten noch nicht das richtige ,,Lieblingsfutter'' dabei gewesen sein dürfen Sie sich sehr gerne bei unseren Fütterungsexperten melden!
Herzliche Grüße, Ihr AGROBS-Team!
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