What is Pre Alpin®?

What’s special about horse feed from the Alpine region?

Pre Alpin® stands for high quality hay replacer products harvested from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, with a unique composition of over 60 different meadow grasses and herbs. Gentle moraine hills, calcium-rich mineral soils and high rainfall are ideal conditions for producing lush, diverse and healthy meadows growing in intact, pure nature. Controlled cultivation, richly varied composition, optimal harvest times and gentle processing methods ensure high levels of vital and nutritional substances and crude fibre with good digestibility.

Pre Alpin® in brief:

Gras variety in the Alpine region

  • a unique blend of over 60 different meadow grasses and herbs
  • 100% hay replacer, rich in native vital substances
  • no preservatives or binding agents
  • no molasses or lucerne
  • consistently high quality
  • mould-free, low dust
  • reduced starch and sugar
  • no added essential oils
  • more energy than hay or silage
  • ideal calcium-to-phosphorous ratio from the calcium-rich soils of the Alpine region

Back to nature with Pre Alpin®

Pre Alpin® also stands for harmony with nature, knowledge of agriculture, and the innovative thinking of the company’s founder, Jakob Berger. It was in the 1980s that Berger, together with his wife, Traudl, brought the first Pre Alpin® product onto the market: Wiesencobs® horse pellets.

This product, which at first drew laughter, has meanwhile become an essential element of horse feed – rich in structure and crude fibre, optimally adapted to the sensitive equine digestive system. Horses, being herbivores, depend on roughage to cover their energy requirements because plant cellulose is digested by a host of micro-organisms in the horse’s large intestine. This produces volatile fatty acids which are used to produce energy. A lack of adequate roughage will cause an imbalance to the micro-organisms living in the large intestine and lead to dysbiosis, which is very often accompanied by digestive problems and a decline in performance.

With our Pre Alpin® products we want every horse to have a healthy and physiologically valuable base feed.

Pre Alpin® products can be used:

  • as a base feed
  • as a hay replacer or hay/silage supplement
  • as a source of easily digestible crude fibre for all horses
  • as a roughage substitute for senior horses with dental problems
  • as a supplemental feed to counteract weight loss
  • as a concentrate feed replacer in low-cereal or cereal-free feeds
  • for intestinal flora imbalance (dysbiosis)
  • for hyperacidity (acidosis)
  • to form a reserve of water and electrolytes for stamina
  • to promote fluid intake in older, sick or severely stressed horses
  • to administer medications (feed wet)
Overview about all Pre Alpin products

The Pre Alpin® assortment:

  • Wiesencobs® – extra-large pellets for more structure
  • Wiesenflakes® – in flake form for fast and easy feeding
  • Aspero – hay chaff to promote chewing and lengthen feeding time
  • Senior – optimal fibre length for the needs of senior horses, not pressed
  • Protein Light Flakes – specially adapted to a low-protein feed, no herbs
  • Compact – practical and healthy feed blocks for in-between