A well functioning immune system is the best protection against diseases and external factors. A healthy and balanced diet, sufficient exercise and stress avoidance provide a foundation for this.

The winter months are when horses often suffer from lack of exercise and fresh air. In poorly ventilated stables, it is easy to develop respiratory infections. When one horse falls ill, in a short time the whole stable may be affected.  Poor hay quality can also have an effect on the immune system – roughage that is very dusty or affected by mould may cause horses to cough or, worst case, develop allergies.

How can the immune system be supported?

Make sure that your horse is supplied with sufficient minerals.

If your horse is deficient in important minerals and vitamins, this deficit can have long-term negative effects. For this reason, your horse’s feed should provide sufficient minerals. We recommend AGROBS Naturmineral. This natural mix is all your horse needs for its daily supply of minerals.

An eye on intestinal health

A healthy intestinal environment is able to fend off pathogenic germs, viruses and bacteria. For this we recommend our AlpenGrün Mash. AlpenGrün Mash is cereal-free, rich in vital substances and has prebiotic properties to ensure a healthy digestive tract. It assists in the elimination of toxins and harmful substances. Mucilaginous substances also support the stomach and intestinal mucosa. AlpenGrün Mash will heighten your horse’s general well-being.

Make your horse fit with herbs

Horse owners can easily help their horses to feel better and boost their health by feeding them specially composed herbal mixtures. BERGSIEGEL Kräuter für die Gesundheit is a selected mixture of herbs containing native vitamins such as vitamin C, which serve to strengthen the immune system.  

Ensure a good supply of roughage

In the winter months, your horse's main meals will consist of hay. Unfortunately, inconsistent hay quality and under-calculated feed rations are not uncommon. Here you can provide alternatives to the feeding plan with good hay substitute products! Products such as AlpenHeu, Pre Alpin® Aspero, Pre Alpin® Compact or our Pre Alpin® Wiesencobs supplement your horse’s daily ration of roughage. Our products’ high grass and herb content delivers a variety of natural vital substances that support your horse’s health.     

In general,

a healthy lifestyle and the avoidance of stress factors will help your horse to stay healthy. It is therefore beneficial to provide your horse with the exercise it needs.  If your horse is psychologically healthy, it will have a better general well-being than if it is stressed or unstable.