Feed Aditives

 AlpenGrün Müsli Bag 
AlpenGrün Müsli
with nature's intent

AlpenGrün Müsli is a cereal free, molasses free muesli designed for a natural, appropriate horse feed. Based on Pre Alpin's dried green fiber, made from dried grasses and herbs and refined by adding root vegetables such as parsnip, carrot and beetroot, AlpenGrün Müsli delivers highly digestible fiber, natural, organically-bonded minerals and vitamins as well as secondary plant nutrients.
 AlpenGrün Mash Bag 
AlpenGrün Mash
Keeping it “green”!

AlpenGrün Mash consists primarily of Prenatura®-Fibers, made up of leaves and seeds of air-dried grasses and herbs. Thanks to their high nutrient content, e.g. trace elements, vitamins and phytochemicals, Prenatura®-Fibers provide horses with highly-digestible fiber, enhancing intestine well-being and encouraging the growth of useful intestinal flora.

 LeichtGenuss picture 
The horse plays a very different role in today’s society: it once served as a “workhorse”, later it was used in sports. Now the horse is our friend and recreation partner, a change that has not necessarily been reflected in feeding. Many horses are overfed with cereals and energy-rich feed. The number of overweight horses and the resulting problems such as metabolic disorders has risen drastically. The newly developed LeichtGenuss from AGROBS has been created specifically to tackle this problem.
 Luzerne + Bag 
Structured fodder with that special plus

Luzerne+ contains the ideal mix of Bavarian alfalfa (Luzerne) and green oats, combining the positive feed qualities of both plants.

 Powerplant Picture 
Kraftpaket - Powerplant
Horses require additional energy-rich feed for increased physical activities (e.g. during growth, pregnancy or during tournaments and sports).
This is where AGROBS Kraftpaket comes into play.
 Maiscobs Bag 
made from the entire plant

The entire corn plant - stem, leaves, and cobs - is used to make AGROBS MAISCOBS.
low in protein, high in energy
 Horse Alpin Senior Bag 
Horse Alpin Senior
complete care for old age

Horse Alpin Senior provides basic and concentrated feed in a single product.
With all nutrients it needs at an old age.
 Agrobs Green Oats Bale 
Green Oats
Oats with a difference

Fibre-rich natural fodder for horses sensitive to starch.
The healthy Alternative to cereals.
 Agrobs Straw Bale 
Gold for the feeding trough

Guarantees suitably long chewing in addition to hay and grass in straw-free bedding environments.
Alternative to hay/meadow or as additional chewing for overweight horses.
 Naturmüsli Bag 
focus on naturalness

AGROBS Naturmuesli is a tasty, natural horse muesli without artificial preservatives.
 Struktur Mash Bag 
Struktur Mash
easy-to-digest supplementary feed

Mash is a nutritious, strengthening feed for horses that stimulates the appetite and aids in regeneration.