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Horsefeed Catalogue 2017

You can now browse our new horsefeed catalogue online.
AGROBS Horsefeed Catalogue 2017

It's now offical! We are GMP+ B1 certificated for production of our healthy feed.


A Range of Products:

 Struktur Mash Bag 
Struktur Mash
easy-to-digest supplementary feed

Mash is a nutritious, strengthening feed for horses that stimulates the appetite and aids in regeneration.
 Agrobs Pre Alpin Seed Light, Pferdeweide Sensitiv 
PRE ALPIN® Seed Light
This blend contains selected fructose-reduced grasses.
Ideal for the regeneration of pastures.
10.00 kg Sack
 LeichtGenuss picture 
The horse plays a very different role in today’s society: it once served as a “workhorse”, later it was used in sports. Now the horse is our friend and recreation partner, a change that has not necessarily been reflected in feeding. Many horses are overfed with cereals and energy-rich feed. The number of overweight horses and the resulting problems such as metabolic disorders has risen drastically. The newly developed LeichtGenuss from AGROBS has been created specifically to tackle this problem.