Agrobs Herb Blend, Kräutermix, Saatgut 
Herb Blend

Agrobs Herb Blend offers a fine selection of meadow herbs.

1.00 kg Beutel
 Testudo Fibre 
Testudo Fibre
The protein content of PRE ALPIN Testudo is extremely low. It contains selected grasses with a very low protein content and, at the same time, a very high crude fibre content. The reduced protein supply unburdens particularly liver and kidneys and promotes the detoxification of the body.
 PRE ALPIN compact Karton 
PRE ALPIN® compact
hay replacement in pocket format

warm air dried grassses and herbs, pressed to convenient and practical blocks
 Naturmüsli Bag 
focus on naturalness

AGROBS Naturmuesli is a tasty, natural horse muesli without artificial preservatives.
 Struktur Mash Bag 
Struktur Mash
easy-to-digest supplementary feed

Mash is a nutritious, strengthening feed for horses that stimulates the appetite and aids in regeneration.
 AlpenGrün Müsli Bag 
AlpenGrün Müsli
with nature's intent

AlpenGrün Müsli is a cereal free, molasses free muesli designed for a natural, appropriate horse feed. Based on Pre Alpin's dried green fiber, made from dried grasses and herbs and refined by adding root vegetables such as parsnip, carrot and beetroot, AlpenGrün Müsli delivers highly digestible fiber, natural, organically-bonded minerals and vitamins as well as secondary plant nutrients.
 Horse Alpin Senior Bag 
Horse Alpin Senior
complete care for old age

Horse Alpin Senior provides basic and concentrated feed in a single product.
With all nutrients it needs at an old age.
 Agrobs Green Oats Bale 
Green Oats
Oats with a difference

Fibre-rich natural fodder for horses sensitive to starch.
The healthy Alternative to cereals.