Basic Feed

 PRE ALPIN Wiesencobs Bag 
PRE ALPIN® Wiesencobs®
the Original

Pre Alpin Wiesencobs are an ideal basic feed in extra large cob format. They are made up of a unique mixture of over 60 different grasses and herbs of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. The fields are under constant supervision and are harvested at the right time of maturation. This ensures low protein and a high fiber content for optimum horse nutrition.
 Pre Alpin Senior Bag 
basic feed for old age

Pre Alpin Senior consists of dry green fibres specially designed for older horses that are unable to chew their basic feed sufficiently.
 Pre Alpin Wiesenflakes Bag 
PRE ALPIN® Wiesenflakes
Structure redefined – roughage in flake-form

an easy-feeding, high quality roughage product made by an innovative production process. PRE ALPIN Wiesenflakes is an ideal substitute to hay. The flake-like dosage form enables an uncomplicated feeding as an additive to the regular daily portion of basic feed or mixed in with existing trough feed.
 PRE ALPIN Aspero Bag 
the special structure

Roughly chopped grasses and herbs in fiber form provide an ideal structured feed, unique in its application possibilities.
 Alpenheu Bag 
The foundation of every feed
The grasslands in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, from which Agrobs AlpenHeu comes, are a true natural treasure – an ideal location where, thanks to the combination of altitude and calcium-rich soil, meadows grow rich in grasses and wild herbs.
 Agrobs Green Oats Bale 
Green Oats
Oats with a difference

Fibre-rich natural fodder for horses sensitive to starch.
The healthy Alternative to cereals.
 PRE ALPIN compact Karton 
PRE ALPIN® compact
hay replacement in pocket format

warm air dried grassses and herbs, pressed to convenient and practical blocks
 Pre Alpin Protein Light Flakes 
PRE ALPIN® Protein light Flakes
the low-protein mix of grasses

Basic feed with an extremely low protein content and without added herbs.
 Agrobs Straw Bale 
Gold for the feeding trough

Guarantees suitably long chewing in addition to hay and grass in straw-free bedding environments.
Alternative to hay/meadow or as additional chewing for overweight horses.
 Fetura Bag 
for the unspoiled joys of motherhood

Fetura consists of proteinrich field herbs and grasses. The controlled integrated cultivation of the fields ensures that the mare receives an optimum supply of essential amino acids, natural ß-carotene and vitamin E throught the year.